Ancient Apparition

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Ancient Apparition

Ancient Apparition

Overviewicon str.png
18 + 1.4
Overviewicon agi.png
20 + 2.2
Overviewicon int.png
25 + 2.6
LEVEL 1 15 25
MANA 350
DAMAGE DAMAGE44—5480—90106—116
ARMOR ARMOR 1.86 6.26 9.4
Attacks/seconds 0.71 0.89 1.02
Movement Speed:Movement Speed: 295
Sight radius: 1800/800
Attack Range: 600

Kaldr, the Ancient Apparition, is a ranged intelligence hero. This spell-casting elemental being possesses high range, great attributes and strong semi-spammable spells. He is commonly played in a support role due to the nature of his skills. Ancient apparition cold feet.pngCold Feet places a debuff on an enemy which will stun the unit unless it leaves the area the skill was cast. This can be devastating in conjunction with other disables. Ancient apparition ice vortex.pngIce Vortex applies a big slow and magic damage amplification to all units that stand in it. This is great in combination with Ancient apparition chilling touch.pngChilling Touch. This buffs allied heroes to hit for a large amount of extra magic damage. His ultimate, Ancient apparition ice blast.pngIce Blast, is one of the most devastating spells in the game as it has global range and has larger radius the farther away the blast is from the caster. This does large damage, freezes health regeneration of any kind, and instantly kills units low on life.


Ancient Apparition

Kaldr, the Ancient Apparition, is an image projected from outside time. He springs from the cold, infinite void that both predates the universe and awaits its end. Kaldr is, Kaldr was, Kaldr shall be...and what we perceive, powerful as it appears to us, is but the faintest faded echo of the true, eternal Kaldr. Some believe that as the cosmos ages and approaches its final moments, the brightness and power of Kaldr will also intensify--that the Ancient Apparition will grow younger and stronger as eternity's end draws nigh. His grip of ice will bring all matter to a stop, his image will cast a light too terrible to behold. An Apparition no longer!


Cold Feet

Cold Feet

Places a frozen hex on an enemy unit that deals damage over time, but can be dispelled by moving away from the initial cast point. If the enemy unit doesn't move outside of the given range, it will be stunned and frozen in place after 4 seconds.

  • Total possible damage: 150/200/250/300.
  • Deals damage every 0.8 seconds.
Unit Target
Mana cost: 125
Cooldown: 10/9/8/7
  • Cast range: 700/800/900/1000
  • Cast time: 0.01
  • Duration: 4.0
  • Damage type: Magical
  • Pierces spell immunity: No

  • Damage per tick: 30/50/70/90
  • Break distance: 740
  • Stun duration: 1.25/2.0/2.75/3.5
  • Cast range: 700/800/900/1000
  • charge_restore_time: 10/9/8/7
Kaldr's presence draws those around him into a frozen void, threatening to lock them in an icy prison for eternity.

Ice Vortex

Ice Vortex

Creates a vortex of icy energy that slows movement speed and increases magic damage done in its range. Lasts 16 seconds.

  • Doesn't affect Spell Immune units.
Point Target
Mana cost: 80/90/100/110
Cooldown: 4.0
  • Cast range: 1500
  • Cast time: 0.01
  • Duration: 16
  • Pierces spell immunity: No

  • Radius: 275
  •  %slow: -15/-20/-25/-30
  •  %increased magic damage: -15/-20/-25/-30
  • vision_aoe: 200
Frozen, caustic winds are at the whim of Kaldr, chilling the field of battle.

Chilling Touch

Chilling Touch

A frigid gust enchants allied heroes, granting them bonus magical damage for a given number of physical attacks, while slowing their attack speed slightly. Ancient Apparition always receives the buff. Lasts 30 seconds.

  • Extra damage is its own instance of damage.
  • Only works against heroes and creeps.
Point Target
Mana cost: 110/120/130/140
Cooldown: 50.0/42.0/34.0/26.0
  • Cast range: 800
  • Cast time: 0.01
  • Duration: 30.0
  • Damage type: Magical
  • Pierces spell immunity: Yes

  • Radius: 525
  • Max attacks: 3/4/5/6
  • Damage: 50/60/70/80
  • Attack speed: -20
The Ancient Apparition's eternal knowledge brings a frigid enchantment to his allies.

Ice Blast

Ice Blast

Launches a tracer toward any location on the battlefield, which must be triggered again to mark the area to be blasted by a damaging explosion of hail. The further the tracer travels, the larger the explosion will be. Enemies caught in the explosion, or who touch the icy ball of hail as it travels, are Frostbitten, taking damage and prevented from regenerating or healing. If a Frostbitten unit's health drops below a certain percentage, they will instantly shatter.

Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter.

  • The area of effect is 275 + 50*TimeTraveled, capped at 1000. The freeze area along the path is 275.
  • Kill will be granted to the source of the damage that triggers the shatter.
  • The instant kill doesn't work on illusions.
  • The HP Freeze prevents most kinds of healing, including the fountain.
  • The Frostbitten debuff cannot be purged.
Aghanim's ScepterAghanim's Scepter: Increases frostbite duration.
Point Target
Mana cost: 100/125/150
Cooldown: 40.0
Damage: 250/350/450
  • Cast range: 0
  • Cast time: 0.01
  • Damage type: Magical
  • Pierces spell immunity: Yes

  • radius_min: 275
  • radius_grow: 50.0
  • radius_max: 1000
  • path_radius: 275
  • Frostbitten duration: 8.0/9.0/10.0
  • Frostbitten damage per second: 12.5/20.0/32.0
  • speed: 1500
  •  %shatter health threshold: 10.0/11.0/12.0
  • target_sight_radius: 500
  • Scepter frostbitten duration: 17
Ice storms from ages past flow through Kaldr's frosty limbs, crashing into the world and turning its inhabitants into monuments to his eternal power.



Releases the ice blast to explode at the tracer's current location.

Ability Not Active
No Target
Cooldown: 1.0
  • Cast time: 0


+60 Gold/Min
+8% Spell Amplification
-1s Ice Vortex Cooldown
+30 Health Regen
+35 Movement Speed
-35s Respawn Time
4 Charges of Cold Feet
+100 Chilling Touch Damage


Ancient Apparition is a support hero, and if he is in safe place he has great potential to dominate the lane and kill all the enemies on huge distances. If there were howitzers in Dota2, Ancient Apparition would be intercontinental atomic rocket that destroys all that is in the area of his target. But despite all the advantages, Ancient Apparition is hard to handle and you need to train a lot to use some spells correctly.

Ability setup

Ancient apparition cold feet.pngCold Feet — Great spell for disable and harass. Also in skilled hands Cold feet is a universal weapon because you can not only use it to catch the enemy and get a kill but also to save your life. To do that you need to stay still after the use, and enemy will have to decide if he stays and fights risking to freeze to ground and die. It is better to use it with stuns or slowdowns. Thanks to this spell Ancient Apparition works well with some carry with stun (like SvenSven) because you will be able to disable one enemy for long time that will be enough to kill.

  • It deals 150/200/254/300 damage (without magical resistance being counted)
  • The effect will be gone if target will go out of cast’s place for more than 740.
  • Great for escape: use it on the enemy, and when he got frozen just TP out.
  • Very effective with Eul's Scepter of DivinityEul's Scepter of Divinity: use Cold Feet, then Cyclone and when he will fall down he will get frozen.

Ancient apparition ice vortex.pngIce Vortex — From the first look it may seem that this spell has low slow down because of low radius, but it’s not true. If you will think more, you will see that Ice Vortex has a lot of use. Thanks to huge cast range you may slow down the hero that runs away, it will decrease magic resistance, and it gives vision, so this spell may be used for scouting, or checking the Roshan, or getting advantage in siege of enemy’s base, just use it on high ground.

  • Does not work for targets that are immune to magic
  • Does not work for some summons (like Forged Spirit, Familiar)
  • It completely cancels natural magic resist;
  • Stacks well with Veil of DiscordVeil of Discord

Ancient apparition chilling touch.pngChilling Touch — In the beginning Chilling touch is the most useful spell of Apparatus, because on the level 4 it will give additional damage that equals the damage of a middle damage hero, and it can be used on the whole team, that means the chance to win in fight increase almost on a 100%

  • The additional damage is dealt only to heroes
  • If the attack was canceled before the damage was dealt, the amount of attack won’t decrease.
  • Buff from Chilling Touch will always apply on Ancient Apparation. Even if Ancient Apparation was out of skill range.
  • Additional damage is given not only to heroes but also to creeps, neutrals and summons;

Ancient apparition ice blast.pngIce Blast — Hard to use but effective spell that not only does damage but also prevents enemy from healing till the end of effect. Also you can kill supports with one Ice Blast with Aghanim's ScepterAghanim's Scepter on 16th level. We can kill all the enemy team even without being in the fight. Because of low mana cost and cool down Ice Blast should be used on any possible occasion: to chase heroes, to gank, to push lane, to counter push, or to check the Roshan. The main is not to forget that you have this spell and use it all the time. You should make your enemies tremble from a single thought about you.

  • This spell blocks almost all healing spells or items but you can gain some HP by switching Armlet of MordiggianArmlet of Mordiggian on.
  • DazzleDazzle can neutralize the effect of this spell by using Dazzle shallow grave.pngShallow Grave.
  • While Ice Blast is active not only heal is not active but Vampirism too;
  • The enemies who were only touched by the flying ice ball won’t get damage but will get the effect of freeze.

Early game

Early game Ancient Apparition (up to 15 minute)

First items: Smoke of DeceitSmoke of Deceit, TangoTango, Observer WardObserver Ward/Sentry WardSentry Ward, 2x ClarityClarity.

In any team it is desirable to have two supports so if you are in one then decide who will get wards and who will buy Courier so everyone would have money left for flasks, clarity etc.

Ancient Apparation has a great potential to create FB, to do that you should buy smoke and with your teammates use it in the forest and go to enemy’s territory, as soon as you see the enemy use Ancient apparition chilling touch.pngChilling Touch on your carry (and on some of your allies too if possible) and then just attack the enemy. After that gank we should go back on lane and try to get as much experience as possible but do not steal it from carry. It would be great if you will farm by pulling double spawns in forest.

Do not forget that the effectiveness of Chilling touch reduces with every minute so attack the enemy when you have such an opportunity, but only together with your carry. You will have troubles with mana so you need to buy that ClarityClarity.

After doing couple of frags and farm, we should buy Arcane BootsArcane Boots, and do not forget about wards (you need to ward runes for mid player, and give vision for your carry by warding the forest around him)

After that you will be useful because of your ultimate and then start getting an Arcane BootsArcane Boots by buying Point BoosterPoint Booster.

Middle game

Middle game for Kaldr (from 15 till 35 minute)

It is great if you will be able to get fast 6th or even fast 11th level for Apparatus, so if you see the chance to get some experience try to use it on 100%.

You can only buy the most important things: wards, dust, smoke etc. All the other money should be saved for Aghanim's ScepterAghanim's Scepter. Cooldown of our ultimate is low so don’t be shy using it, but do not use it on a pack of creeps when there is a fight going on somewhere. Great ultimate can win the battle and it is important not only be able to count the time of flight but also be long way from it so the area of effect will be more.

By the 30th minute we should buy Aghanim's ScepterAghanim's Scepter and enemies will now feel the power of the cold emptiness’ messenger.

After we got that item we may try getting Eul's Scepter of DivinityEul's Scepter of Divinity, which will give us 100% freeze with Cold feet.

Fight brave and don’t forget to place wards because they may save your life.

Late game

Late game Ancient Apparition (from 35 minute)

At the final stage of the game your teal will ask you for not only great ultimate but also for getting Scythe of VyseScythe of Vyse and give your team another 3.5 seconds of disable.

Support rarely can farm more than 2-3 great items so it is better not even try that but buy wards and some stuff like smokes etc. If you have 900 gold for spare you may get Gem of True SightGem of True Sight and destroy enemy’s wards. But first think if you won’t harm your team by dying and giving the gem away. You may buy gem and give it to someone who is more tough.

Full inventory view


Ancient Apparition Ancient Apparition
Cold Feet Cold Feet    Ice Vortex Ice Vortex    Chilling Touch Chilling Touch    Ice Blast Ice Blast    Release Release


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