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Overviewicon str.png
23 + 2.2
Overviewicon agi.png
18 + 1.6
Overviewicon int.png
16 + 1.9
LEVEL 1 15 25
MANA 242
DAMAGE DAMAGE64—6895—99116—120
ARMOR ARMOR 4.57 7.77 10.06
Attacks/seconds 0.69 0.83 0.92
Movement Speed:Movement Speed: 310
Sight radius: 1800/800
Attack Range: 150

Karroch, the Beastmaster, is a melee strength hero whose versatility allows him to take on multiple roles. His Beastmaster call of the wild.pngCall of the Wild: Hawk provide free flying vision and his Beastmaster call of the wild boar.pngCall of the Wild: Boar can harass, slow, and stack jungle camps. His ultimate, Beastmaster primal roar.pngPrimal Roar, is the longest lasting single reliable stun in the game, being only counterable by Linken's SphereLinken's Sphere. However, his greatest strength is his passive aura Beastmaster inner beast.pngInner Beast, which increases the attack speed of all allies units nearby, including creeps and his summons. With these skills, he can push enemy towers quickly and safely, take down undefended targets with the help of NecronomiconNecronomicon summons, lock down a single target and also kite enemies in teamfights. With careful observation of the battlefield, Beastmaster takes down enemies one by one and paves the way to victory.



Karroch was born a child of the stocks. His mother died in childbirth; his father, a farrier for the Last King of Slom, was trampled to death when he was five. Afterward Karroch was indentured to the king's menagerie, where he grew up among all the beasts of the royal court: lions, apes, fell-deer, and things less known, things barely believed in. When the lad was seven, an explorer brought in a beast like none before seen. Dragged before the King in chains, the beast spoke, though its mouth moved not. Its words: a plea for freedom. The King only laughed and ordered the beast perform for his amusement; and when it refused, struck it with the Mad Scepter and ordered it dragged to the stocks. Over the coming months, the boy Karroch sneaked food and medicinal draughts to the wounded creature, but only managed to slow its deterioration. Wordlessly, the beast spoke to the boy, and over time their bond strengthened until the boy found he could hold up his end of a conversation. He could, in fact, speak now to all the creatures of the King's menagerie. On the night the beast died, a rage came over the boy. He incited the animals of the court to rebel and threw open their cages to set them amok on the palace grounds. The Last King was mauled in the mayhem. In the chaos, one regal stag bowed to the boy who had freed him; and with Beastmaster astride him, leapt the high walls of the estate, and escaped. Now a man, Karroch the Beastmaster has not lost his ability to converse with wild creatures. He has grown into a warrior at one with nature's savagery.


Wild Axes

Wild Axes

Beastmaster sends his axes flying and calls them home again, slicing through enemy units and trees along their path. Each axe can hit an enemy once.

  • This ability hits Spell Immune units.
  • This ability destroys trees.
Point Target
Mana cost: 120
Cooldown: 13
  • Cast range: 1300
  • Cast time: 0.4
  • Damage type: Physical
  • Pierces spell immunity: Yes

  • radius: 140
  • spread: 353
  • Range: 1300
  • Damage per axe: 70/100/130/160
While learning to maneuver in nature alone, the Beastmaster also mastered the use of a pair of tomahawks, adept at cutting down trees as well as adversaries.

Call of the Wild: Hawk

Call of the Wild: Hawk

Beastmaster calls forth a watchful Hawk to scout the battlefield. At level 3 and beyond, the hawk can become invisible after being still for 4 seconds.

No Target
Mana cost: 25
Cooldown: 42/38/34/30
  • Cast time: 0.3

  • boar_duration: 60
  • Hawk health: 40/60/80/100
  • Hawk movement speed: 250/275/300/325
  • Hawk day sight range: 500/750/1000/1250
  • Hawk night sight range: 500/650/800/950
  • Hawk duration: 60
After befriending the strange beast of his childhood, Beastmaster has learned to call to animals in times of need.

Call of the Wild: Boar

Call of the Wild: Boar

Beastmaster calls a powerful Boar to stalk the battlefield, capable of spitting poison at enemies to slow their movement and attack speed.

No Target
Mana cost: 25
Cooldown: 42/38/34/30
  • Cast time: 0.3

  • hawk_duration: 60
  • Boar health: 200/300/400/500
  • Boar attack damage: 10/25/40/55
  •  %boar movement slow: 10/20/30/40
  • Boar attack slow: 10/20/30/40
  • Boar poison duration: 3
  • Boar duration: 60
After befriending the strange beast of his childhood, Beastmaster has learned to call to animals in times of need.

Inner Beast

Inner Beast

Untaps the inner fury of allies, passively increasing their attack speed.


  • Radius: 900
  • Bonus attack speed: 15/25/35/45
Beastmaster's ability to incite the innate strength of animals was seen in the mauling of the king of Slom.

Primal Roar

Primal Roar

Beastmaster lets loose a deafening roar that stuns, and shoves open, a path to its target. All units in the path of the roar are damaged, while units shoved aside by the roar have their movement and attack speed slowed.

Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter.

  • The stun will hit Spell Immune units. The damage will not.
Aghanim's ScepterAghanim's Scepter: Reduces cooldown, and increases cast range.
Unit Target
Mana cost: 150/175/200
Cooldown: 80.0/75.0/70.0
  • Cast range: 600
  • Cast time: 0.5
  • Damage type: Magical
  • Pierces spell immunity: Yes

  • Stun duration: 3.0/3.5/4.0
  • Damage: 150/225/300
  • side_damage: 150/225/300
  • Shout width: 300
  •  %movement slow: -50
  • Attack slow: -50
  • push_distance: 300
  • push_duration: 0.6
  • Slow duration: 2.0/3.0/4.0
  • Scepter cast range: 950
  • Scepter cooldown: 45.0
The Beastmaster has learned to channel his primal instincts into an animalistic roar, causing devastation in the ranks of enemies.


+20% XP Gain
+20 Movement Speed
+12 Strength
-35s Respawn Time
12% Cooldown Reduction
+400 Health
+120 Damage
+250 Wild Axes Damage


Beastmaster is a Dota 2 Hero, who is very strong in the beginning, and doesn’t need a lot of items to be effective. He can replace wards for the team, will give carry attack speed, slow down the enemy, and in case will stun the enemy, and your team will have a great opportunity to win the fight.

Ability setup

Beastmaster wild axes.pngWild Axes — This is a great nuke with big damage and area of effect. Cool down is rather low. You need some skills to use it efficiently, because this skill is used on area and not on the enemy. The farther enemy is the easier it will be for him to avoid this attack. You can chop down woods with this spell and farm wood creeps. You should try to hit the enemy in that spot, when the axes are crossed in air.

  • Damage type is Physical, that’s why this spell damages through different magic immunities, like Black King BarBlack King Bar.
  • Every Axe gives damage only once, either when flies forward or back.
  • If Beastmaster will be teleported somewhere else on the map right after casting this spell, then they will travel all the distance to the owner with a huge speed and dealing damage on the way.

Beastmaster call of the wild.pngCall of the Wild: Hawk and Beastmaster call of the wild boar.pngCall of the Wild: Boar — It’s because of this spell our hero is called Beastmaster. On the first level of this spell, only hawk is summoned, who is a flying Observer WardObserver Ward. Sometimes you need to learn this skill on the first level, if your team wants to kill Roshan before the creeps go. We do that, so EnigmaEnigma could divide it with Enigma demonic conversion.pngDemonic Conversion. In the usual skill order Call of the wild is learned on 2 and 3 levels, to have boar that can slow down units and hawk to keep control on the runes. You need to learn how to control animal properly to give as much troubles to the enemy.

  • Boar a slowdown skill, and hawk will become invisible with level of spell.
  • If you have good micro control, you can use boar to run in front of the enemy, and do not let him pass.
  • New summoned units doesn't kill previous ones. So you can have two boars and hawks at one time.

Beastmaster inner beast.pngInner Beast — This aura gives attack speed for every ally near Beastmaster. It is very useful in late game. We learn it on the 10th level, if we use standard skill order, so you won’t push the line too much and last hit as much creeps.

  • Sometimes it can be used on low levels, if we play push strategy and stay on the triple line.
  • It works well with Abyssal BladeAbyssal Blade.

Beastmaster primal roar.pngPrimal Roar — Probably the best spell of Beastmaster. It is on spot stun for 4 seconds that gives damage to the enemies near target, and pushes them aside. Huge radius and low cool down with Aghanim's ScepterAghanim's Scepter does this spell the best on spot stun in game, the only disadvantage of it is low damage.

  • It through magical immunity, stuns without damage.
  • Our ultimate can only be blocked by Linken's SphereLinken's Sphere.
  • It stuns only the target you chose, those who were near get the damage and slow down.

Early game

Early game for Beastmaster Rexxar (up to 15 minute)

First items depend on the line that we choose to go.

If it’s mid, then we buy 3x Iron BranchIron Branch, TangoTango, to have a fast BottleBottle, but also to have some stats, and some heal.

If we go to hard line (up for Radiant, and down for Dire) then we should choose 3x Iron BranchIron Branch, Observer WardObserver Ward, Healing SalveHealing Salve, TangoTango, 2x ClarityClarity.

It’s better to go to mid, because we can gank very well on level 6, and using beasts to control runes. If we play on hard line, then we should farm creeps carefully, and try not to go far from the tower. If we stand against triple line, then probably our tower will be broken down very soon, and we should not give our life to enemies, because they will get money and experience, and still will break down the tower. You should place the hawk to see the enemies come from the river. We farm to get Boots of SpeedBoots of Speed and Drum of EnduranceDrum of Endurance. These artifacts will help us to move between the lines faster on level 6, gank and position yourself right to do Beastmaster primal roar.pngPrimal Roar. Don’t forget to harass your enemy with a boar if you play on mid. He will be distracted and will last hit less creeps.

Middle game

Middle game for Beastmaster Rexxar (from 15 till 35 minute)

When our game goes to middle stage we should concentrate on ganks. They are our strong side. We should upgrade Boots of SpeedBoots of Speed to Power TreadsPower Treads, and buy Medallion of CourageMedallion of Courage. With this artifact our Beastmaster wild axes.pngWild Axes will be much stronger.

The next items will depend on opponent’s pick and our team pick. If enemies have invisible heroes than it’s good to buy NecronomiconNecronomicon and upgrade it to level 3. It will give use some health points, mana, and the most important is 2 minions, who have nice damage, drink mana and let us see every invisible hero.

If you are doing well, then you should get Aghanim's ScepterAghanim's Scepter, it increases our Beastmaster primal roar.pngPrimal Roar a lot, by increasing the length of effect in one and a half times and lowering the cool down to 45 seconds. If we have Aghanim's ScepterAghanim's Scepter then we should use Beastmaster primal roar.pngPrimal Roar in any good occasion, it will always be ready for a team fight.

For huge battles we need Blink DaggerBlink Dagger, so we can initiate battles the right way. Will you use Medallion of CourageMedallion of Courage or not depend on occasion. If we get focused a lot, you shouldn’t use it because you will die very fast. But if Beastmaster primal roar.pngPrimal Roar was placed great, then we can easily kill the target in 4 seconds with low armor. You should examine the location before you gank with your hawk, to understand how enemies are placed.

Late game

Late game for Beastmaster Rexxar (from 35 minute)

If we did everything right, then we have all the items we need. But if game goes into deep late game, you still have the problem what to get next. You can sell Medallion of CourageMedallion of Courage and get yourself Assault CuirassAssault Cuirass, if we jump into the fight often, or maybe get yourself Vladmir's OfferingVladmir's Offering. Our Carry will thank us a lot for that items. The next item to change might be Drum of EnduranceDrum of Endurance. And if enemy team has strong procast we should get Black King BarBlack King Bar.

If enemies have strong carry with huge physical damage, and we have not enough control, then we get Heaven's HalberdHeaven's Halberd, or much more versatile Scythe of VyseScythe of Vyse. If our team has not enough damage, then we get Abyssal BladeAbyssal Blade that will work great with our passive ability and Assault CuirassAssault Cuirass. You should not jump into the team fight as a first hero on this stage, you better wait for dangerous enemies and the moment when they will use their Black King BarBlack King Bar and ultimates. Then you can jump into fight with Blink DaggerBlink Dagger and stun the most dangerous hero with Beastmaster primal roar.pngPrimal Roar, using guys from NecronomiconNecronomicon on him too. Boar should attack carry, to slow him down a little. And you should not forget to check the Roshan with your hawk, on any occasion when you think your enemy might be farming him.

Full inventory view


Beastmaster Beastmaster
Wild Axes Wild Axes    Call of the Wild: Hawk Call of the Wild: Hawk    Call of the Wild: Boar Call of the Wild: Boar    Inner Beast Inner Beast    Primal Roar Primal Roar


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